“Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Invite Hope to stay.”
-- Maya Angelou


“Care Blairs” is a project where the funds from our foundation will be used to put a smile on the faces of children and young adults who have been stricken with severe ailments or challenging situations. What ever it takes to achieve some joy… we will send them to a show, concert, purchase something needed, or fulfill a frivolous desire. Blair believed in the power of love and friendship. “Care Blairs” will sustain Blair’s legacy.

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Upon hearing that Blair loved The Beatles, Michael decided to sing the classic song, 'Across the Universe.' This visit definitely put a smile on everyone's faces.


Since 2004,  the Blair Beinhaker Friendship Foundation has granted many ‘Care Blairs’ each year.  A few of the wishes and requests that have been granted are:


Disney on Ice Football tickets

Portable Dvd players

Long Beach Island Trip
Circus tickets Prom Party
Yankee Tickets Ice Cream Parties
ipods Housekeeper
Shopping sprees Broadway shows
Monetary help Summer Jam tickets
Spa Days Music Lessons
Trips to NYC Concert Tickets
Sporting Events Jewelry gifts for the hospital


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